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1st workshop of the REAL project


Rationale The kinds of justification or ground most commonly offered for human rights ca be divided into instrumental and non-instrumental justifications. According to the former, human rights protect valued features of human life; according to the latter, human rights are expressions of our inviolable moral status as persons. Both types of justification have significant limitations; […]

CJV Workshop on ‘The role of rights’

Galbraith Seminar Room, The Long Room Hub

Adina Preda (Trinity College Dublin) – ‘Human rights and equality' Gerald Lang (Leeds) – 'Deontology and the minimization logic' Elizabeth Ashford (St. Andrews) – Title: TBA

2nd workshop of the REAL project: ‘Equality of opportunity, justice, and rights’

TRiSS seminar room

What is the relation between rights and egalitarian justice? There is a perception that the two pull in different directions, perhaps because rights are often conceptualised as individual entitlements and/or as deontological constraints while egalitarian theories of justice are taken to propose teleological principles whose satisfaction might infringe individual rights. Is this perception warranted? Are […]

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